Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Textbook Romance - the first lessons

I began reading the above mentioned book this evening. So far, I'm impressed! I can only summarize it as everything you already know but haven't actually implemented (Why?!).

The first lesson is love yourself and love your life. It sounds so simple, but I realize that I have voids in my life that keep me from living my best life. The thing is, I knew this, and yet I haven't been doing anything about it. Focusing on 'I wish I could...' and 'I want to ... but...' is holding me back. So the first step, according to the book, is to fill the voids. I can't look for a man to fill these voids for me.

I have to say, I'm not miserable with my life. Overall, I'm happy and I enjoy myself. But I sometimes wish I could do more, and get more involved. My first challenge is to plan and go on a vacation. I love to travel, but I always find reasons not to. And why should I? I have a friend who is in New Zealand - I am dragging her on vacation with me whether she likes it or not! But I'm sure she'll love it.

The next thing I want to do is go to moonlight cinema - I keep missing it because I never plan to go. I expect someone else to make the plans for me and then pout when it doesn't happen. So I will google the line-up and ask a few friends to join me.

I am also going to go to the gym more regularly. I always feel better when I'm exercising (and probably look better too haha!) but I sabotage myself and then mope about how I haven't been going to the gym. That has to change.

I have already implemented my spring-time healthy eating plan, which I'm happy with. Now I need to implement my spring-time clean up my apartment plan. Most of the place is presentable, but the pile of laundry in my room is shocking and now that the sun is out there is no excuse!

The thing I realised when making these plans is that it's not about perfection; it's about being proactive. It don't need to become a gym-obsessed perfectly toned creature - just implementing the plan to go to the gym makes me feel better about myself. Feeling better about myself because I am doing something proactive instead of whining in my mind about the things I don't like about my life makes me enjoy my life more. And so on... I already feel better just writing about it.

The next lesson I will implement is not looking for men. I tell myself I'm not looking for men, but I think, subconsciously, I have been. This weekend, I'm going out with my girlfriends, and my challenge will be to just enjoy being with them without thinking about which guy in the bar is hoter and is he looking at me? And if he isn't, how can I get him to look at me...? This is counter-intuitive, but I know it works. Yet somehow, I don't do it. Shocking!


101dates said...

Princess T,

I am the same! I go out and i look for men..i am trying really hard to change it! They come when we are not looking for them.
I also started going to the gym on regular basis (i love spinning class the most), taking tennis classes once a week and I bought a DOG! I love him to death. he is yorkie puppy...cutest thing i ever had!!!

Princess T said...

Aawwww yay! You'll meet so many people with a puppy! I have a cavalier and when he was a pup I couldn't leave the house with him without being stopped in the street by people all the time! Even now, people stop and talk to me if I'm with my dog at a cafe. It's a great way to meet people ;-)