Friday, November 13, 2009

Practice Note

Last night, I got my first opportunity to put some of the lessons in Textbook Romance to the test.

Background: Since ending the 'relationship' with rebound guy, I have, let's just say, occasionally kept in 'on call'. Like a friend with benefits, only not so much of a friend... Anyway, I haven't been in touch with him in 3 weeks or so because I was beginning to feel like I was always instigating the hook-ups and he was just happy to go along with it (because he's a guy, duh!).

So yesterday, around 10pm, I get a text message from him. Normally, I would have replied either straight away or as soon as I could. But, because I wasn't really feeling happy with the arrangement anymore, I decided to change the game. I didn't reply. His message said something to the effect of 'haven't heard from you in ages! How's it going, what's news?' etc. Translation: 'I haven't gotten any action in 3 weeks and I'm starting to get... lonely'. Well too bad - it's Thursday night and I'm tired and want to go to bed... alone!

I only replied this morning, and said playfully that I was the one who hadn't heard from him in ages, and nothing's new just going out having fun etc. He replied within ten minutes: bonus points for me! I'm not replying for a few hours. Maybe I'll reply during lunch... if I have time.

Maybe this stuff works...


101dates said...


I would do the same..i also had rebound relationship for 2 months and he broke it off with me...i guess i wanted to much action:-))