Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let the games begin

I went on that date Wednesday and I would give it a 3/5 rating. The guy was nice, he picked a great restaurant with really nice food and requested a nice table. He was on time and nicely dressed. We had a nice conversation. BUT I just didn't feel that spark (or za za zoo!). It wasn't that he was ugly, but just... I don't know. Maybe I put too much emphasis on the za za zoo? I think I'm not ready to discard him and yet I'm not sure I fee excited to see him again. We'll see what happens.

On a separate, non-guy related note, I made a new girlfriend this week. I've been thinking that a girl can never have enough girlfriends around and why was a worried so much about only meeting men when women are much better company! I met her at a training workshop I had to do for my traineeship and we just clicked as you do sometimes. It's cool because she's not from here either so we're both in need of more friends - there you go.

Finally, I did reply to commitment issues guy last night. I think my reply was good - congratulated him on his new job and was vague about my own life besides saying that I was well and just enjoying the great weather and going out with my friends etc. And, I haven't even checked if he's replied yet, but it doesn't matter- I feel like I have exercised the daemon!


101dates said...

Love it!

Princess T, i am looking for "za za zoo" as well and i don't think you should waste your precious life on "just a nice guy". I also met so many amazing girlfriends during my 7 months single life! So it's BIG PLUS!

I have a question: why did you break up with your previous boyfriend? (i hope it's okay to ask)

Princess T said...

Hey, thanks for your comments and for reading my blog :-).

You're right about holding out for the za za zoo hehe.

I broke up with my last boyfriend because I wasn't happy with him, he wasn't the right guy for me, we never had any fun together or did stuff together, and he just didn't treat me the way I wanted to be treated. It was hard, but that's when I decided not to settle for just any relationship.

101dates said...

I hear you and it sounds just like my previous relationship. I broke it off because i wasn't happy at all..we never shared any interests and he treated me poorly...i was in your shoes as well