Monday, December 14, 2009

Meeting Men

Since meeting men is the first step in the Dating Game, I thought I would spend a little time on the topic. I mean, there would be no point playing these games and doing "The Rules" without a guy actually wanting to date you. There's the clincher...

So, my current task is to meet men, everywhere I go! I don't go up and talk to men, but I try to be aware of my surroundings when I'm out and about, and smile at anyone I find attractive. That's the most I'll give them. After that, it's up to them.

On Thursday, I went to a Christmas party with a friend. It was your typical professional type event with cocktails being passed around on silver platters and fancy finger foods. I met a few people there I knew through friends, and met some of their friends. One guy in particular caught my fancy. I'll call him pink tie guy. I don't know what it was about him, but I liked him. We chatted a bit and we got on really well, but when it was time for my friend an I to move on, he didn't ask for my number so I didn't offer it. His close friend is friends with my close friend so if he really wants to, he can get in touch with me. But, then again, if he really wanted to, he would have asked for my number.

Then there was climbing guy. I met him at the gym when I was doing my rock climbing introduction course. This was particularly embarrassing because I tried to play it cool, and I think I overdid it just a little. See, he had sort of smiled at me when we were signing in, and then he started chatting to me and that was friendly. Then after our session, I was putting on my shoes and he started talking to me again. All was good... And then I thought I didn't want to seem disparate like I was hanging around waiting for him, so as soon as I was done, I picked up my harness to return it to the front desk, thinking he would have to do the same (duh! That's where we return harnesses). He was almost done putting on his shoes when I left, and when I turned back from the front desk, he was gone! And I didn't see him follow me to return his harness (like I thought he might) so I was a bit disappointed... Maybe he thought I was a bit of a bitch/social retard for just walking away like that... I was trying to be mysterious or something! It failed... But I tell myself that if he really liked me, he would have made it a point to follow me! He would have made sure that he 'ran into me' while giving back the harness or something. Instead, he left...

Then Saturday I went out with some friends. My friend's boyfriend invited a few of his friends, and I thought one of them was cute. I thought there was maybe some mild interest, but again not enough to ask for the phone number. But, once again, the friend of a friend always has a way to get in touch with me if he wants. So not getting in touch with me means he doesn't want to.

Three guys in one week. I think that's a pretty good effort. And while I may not have clicked with any of them, the point I am getting at is if I pursued any of these guys, I'd be waisting a lot of time and energy and possibly missing out on meeting somebody else who would actually be completely smitten with me.

So that is my philosophy now. I will go out there, I will smile and I will talk to men who initiate a conversation with me. I will look pretty, and bat my eyelashes, but that's it! The right guy will be the one who does the rest, who makes sure he gets my number, and makes sure to call because he is that smitten with me he just can't imagine not seeing me again. If a guy meets me and doesn't feel that way, why would I want to date him?!


RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

You said it!

101dates said...

100 % agree...Rules girl!!! As Randy Paulsh said in "The Last lecture", "Dance with the one who brung you!"

Kitty Moore said...

I totally agree - you have a great attitude (and a lot of self respect).

Have a lovely christmas.