Sunday, December 6, 2009

Long Distance

I met a really cute doctor a while ago, but he lives in Canberra so I pretty much left it there at the time. Recently, he found me on Facebook and started getting in touch with me (oh Facebook...). I started chatting with him a little but, for some reason, I was a bit apprehensive. I mean, where could this go? He lives in another city! Then of course, he started trying to veer the chats from friendly and sweet to 'adult only'. Of course, I resisted this transition; I don't even know this guy! So I basically made it clear that I was not interested in having some sort of online affair with him, and that if, as he suggested, he wanted to come visit me, I would be happy to see him, but he had to know that I was not going to sleep with him on the first visit.

The Rules have several chapters dedicated to the long distance dating scenario. According to them, the guy has to come and visit you for the first three "dates", he is not to stay at your place, and you are not to sleep with him. It is extreme, but, having chatted with this doctor guy, I can see why it's very sensible. It's become clear to me that this guy seemed only interested in one thing and thought it would be oh so convenient to have a special friend in Melbourne where he can visit, have some fun, a free place to stay etc. Because Melbourne is obviously way cooler than Canberra... But I am not running a hotel/brothel! If this guy really wants something more with me, he can make the effort. Canberra is close enough that he can even fly in for a day. If not... sorry, enjoy Canberra! NEXT!


Little Bird. said...

You can do better than a horny doctor :)

I love your blog :)

Princess T said...


Kitty Moore said...

Sounds like you've got your head screwed on right there!

101dates said...

Great job, Rules girl!

Princess T said...

Thanks, I think he's gotten the idea, but he hasn't stopped getting in touch with me so we'll see. I've drawn the proverbial line in the sand though!